What is Music Marketeer?

Music Marketeer is the best of the best, the Holy Grails of Music Marketing Articles from every corner of the web, collected into one easy to use site to help you to sell more music.  We weed through the useless articles to find the posts that are truly treasures, and  are useful, so you don't have to. We scour every marketing blog on the internet, down to the deepest, darkest most unread blogs and sites on the planet to find you the "real" treasures and most valuable music marketing articles that will help you market your music effectively. Then, we collect all of these priceless articles for you, in simple site.  Music Marketeer is your one stop shop, your infinite personal library, for the best of the best, the holiest of holys, the absolute pinnacle of Music Marketing articles.

How was Music Marketeer founded?

After shifting through the massive, barren desert of internet blogs, searching for ways to market his own music, Music Marketeer founder and music marketing explorer extraordinaire, Zak "Flowetic" Kazanski, discovered a myriad of  remote oasis', filled with hidden, hard to reach, yet extraordinarily invaluable Music Marketing articles.  He decided it would be immoral and selfish for him to keep these hidden gems to himself.  So to share this abundance of wealth and knowledge with you and the world, Zak created Music Marketeer. Music Marketeer is your Beacon of hope, your lighthouse in the dark, unmapped world of marketing pointing to the best of music marketing articles. We sift through the fools gold looking for the real gems, the real useful articles that will help you sell your music,so you don't have to!

Have an article you think should be on Music Marketeer?

Email it to us! Our team of professionals will decide if it meets the standards of being a Holy Grail of Music Marketing articles.

Have fun selling your music!

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